Chapter Meeting on 22. October 2012

Date: Monday, 22. October 2012
Place: ETH Hauptgebäude HG F 33.1
Time: 18.30 – 20.00

This time we would like you to invite to a special event. Originating from a small group of our chapter, gathering round a table at ATRIO in Zurich with a beer in the hand … the initiative arouse to reflect with our system dynamics mindset about the idea of a basic income grant. We suggest that we use our collective experience and brain to further elaborate on this idea. To become more concrete: We intend to develop together a preliminary qualitative systems model about potential effects of this idea, based on the two documents attached below. Acknowledging the complexity of the problem we suggest to start from a very limited scope of arguments, namely the arguments of the proponents and to try to translate this argumentation into a systems model. Based on such a model it is intended to discuss the consistency of the argumentation. We are open to further outcomes of this endeavour and hope to have a fruitful and inspiring evening together.

Hope to see you in Zurich!

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