Chapter Meeting on 28. January 2013

Date: Monday, 28. January 2013
Place: ETH Hauptgebäude HG F 33.5 (new room!)
Time: 18.30 – 20.00

Topic: The agenda this meeting is devoted to further developing our own activities in particular those dedicated to teaching. During last year’s conference in St. Gallen the idea of a summer school has been discussed and we would like to identify possible options to bring this idea to fruition.

Questions to discuss:

  • target audience
  • potential locations and organising institution
  • content
  • funding
  • leading person within the Swiss Chapter to further push the initiative.

We hope that this discussion will provide a good starting point and the necessary momentum to realise a summer school in the context of systems thinking, complexity management and system dynamics.

Hope to see you in Zurich!